Unfortunately, although there is still no effective medication, it is now known that dementia is a generalized metabolic disease of the body that manifests itself in the brain. Unfortunately, more and more people worldwide are falling ill with this terrible disease every year. Tendency: increasing!

The good news, however, is that dementia is also reversible through certain lifestyle changes and adjustments, at least as long as no advanced damage to certain nerve cells of the brain has occurred. Therefore, it is also possible to preventively protect oneself from dementia or to stop the disease up to a certain stage or even to reverse the course of the disease.

Since it is imperative to take advantage of this opportunity, the project “Knowledge stops Dementia” would like to give you the opportunity here to find suitable contacts in the preventive as well as therapeutic area. On the following pages we have therefore begun to list doctors, therapists or coaches who practice in the field of dementia prevention or dementia therapy. All of the health care providers mentioned work holistically and individually on the patient.

In addition to the appropriate therapy, it is extremely important to meet the dementia patients appropriately in everyday life, which can certainly bring relatives to their limits. Therefore, we would also like to point out projects and initiatives here that offer dementia patients and relatives in particular help and support, exchange of experience, special programs, but also possible local contact and advice centers.

We list here only those therapists who offer their services also in English. For the full list of therapists and initiatives please visit the German page.

Doctors, coaches & alternative practitioners


Dr. med. Christiane Kruse
26121 Oldenburg
email: info@im-kern-gesund.de
Tel: 0151 11510338

Focus: Holistic medicine


Dr. med. Anna Elisabeth Landis
70565 Stuttgart (Vaihingen)
email: info@dr-landis.de
Tel: 0711 49047830

Focus: Holistic Alzheimer’s prevention, Support for discontinuation of psychotropic drugs