Intestinal health as protection against dementia

The fact that also with neurological diseases the research of causes takes ever more the intestine and the microbiota (intestine bacteria) living there into the focus, should not surprise. This is because direct communication between our digestive tract and the central nervous system takes place via the intestinal-brain axis. The immune system is involved in these processes as well as various fatty acids and neurotransmitters.

Because all this seems very complicated, the Academy of Human Medicine has prepared a 14-page fact sheet on intestinal health on behalf of the DSGiP for our project Knowledge stops Dementia. The good news is that with this information, it is possible to have effective preventive measures and possibly even therapy options and thus a further weapon in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

The brochure explains the most important technical terms relating to the intestine, intestinal flora and dementia, clarifies the complex relationships that take place in our digestive tract, and gives 12 concrete tips for dementia prevention that are easy to implement and can be integrated into everyday life.

We are pleased to be able to provide you with the fact sheet Dementia and Intestinal Health for download free of charge under the following link:

Fact Sheet Dementia and Intestinal Health