Aged as cause of dementia: A fallacy!

It would be too easy to explain such a complex disease by our increased life expectancy alone. Unfortunately, this is often claimed. It is true that dementia and increasing age can be linked.

If, however, age were the only trigger for this change, all people over the age of 60 would be affected. Since this is not what exactly happen, there must be other explanations…

The real reasons…

It is true that every human being can compensate an individual degree of damaging and disturbing influences during the course of his life. But at some point the burden becomes too high, the body can no longer compensate alone and the “barrel overflows” – various illnesses, e.g. dementia, can be the result. Of course, with increasing age associated to  a lifestyle that is not “appropriate for the species”, the sum of the accumulated damages increases and with it, the probability of a dementia.

The logical conclusion is therefore:

A conscious and sensible lifestyle helps to reduce the risk of dementia to a minimum. Besides that, minor cognitive limitations can be successfully addressed through some “easy-to-implement” lifestyle adjustments. The aim of “Knowledge stops Dementia” is to inform and support you about this.