An impending catastrophe must be prevented

Time is running out! Worldwide, about 35 million people suffer from dementia. There are currently at least one million people suffering from this disease in Germany alone. It is estimated that there will be 2.5 million suffers by the year 2030, since the proportion of elderly people per total population is also increasing in the country. One suspects a higher number of unreported cases meaning even more cases exists.  Nowadays, dementia is already the number one reason why elderly patients move to a nursing home.

The media

No other disease features in the media as much as Alzheimer’s disease. The media portraits the fate of those affected (and their relatives) as disturbing and makes clear efforts promoting the integration of Alzheimer patients into everyday life as far as possible, in order to make life bearable for them and their relatives – quite rightly so!

But what is missing in this picture?

What is the image of Alzheimer’s disease? Ultimately, the impression is created that we humans are inevitably at the mercy of destiny and that only our genetically determined age and genes decide whether and when this disease will affect us.

The truth is that Alzheimer’s dementia is closely interconnected with our lifestyle and technological environment.  As individuals and as a society, we are therefore called upon to take our responsibilities seriously and to create the framework conditions that keep us healthy! The brain, just like all other organs, is dependent on environmental factors and can therefore also become ill or healthy as a result of these life factors.

And that spurs us on…

We as a society are called upon to design our environment toxin-free, to act in a socially responsible manner and to reconsider the isolation of people (e.g. the separation of generations) as well as the working conditions, which do not allow many people to exercise regularly and spend sufficient time in the sun and nature. Despite the fact that social changes only occur slowly, our inspiration is to provide you now with the tools and information that will enable you to live a long life with full mental fitness.

Photo: Clever Visuals