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How can dementia disorders be prevented and – since lifestyle undoubtedly plays a role – what lifestyle-oriented forms of treatment are there? How and where do I gain competence on these topics?
These are the questions that the information platform “Knowledge stops Dementia” wants to answer.

It is becoming increasingly clear that dementia is primarily a problem of an out-of-control metabolism. Consequently, an effective therapeutic approach must focus on this metabolic disorder and be multifactorial, since the triggers are also multifactorial. Such concept is the basis for an effective alliance against dementia, which has come together under the umbrella of “Knowledge stops Dementia”. However awareness alone is not sufficient, an applicable solution for implementation is necessary.

Here, the project aims to provide experts, solutions and tools that make comprehensive assistance and active support available to those at risk, suffers and caregivers.

Join in and expand your competence. Not only you but also your children and grandchildren have much to gain!

About the project

The relevance of dementia becomes clear in these numbers:

In Germany, about 2% of people are now affected, which corresponds to an incidence of 1:50. Forecast until 2030: 2.7% dementia cases in Germany.

Worldwide, about 55 million people are currently affected, the number of unreported cases is estimated at another 40 million patients. Forecast until 2030: almost 140 million illnesses (WHO report, Sep 2021).

How can dementia diseases be prevented and what lifestyle-oriented forms of treatment are there? How and where do I gain competence in these areas?

This is exactly where our concept “Knowledge stops Dementia (KsD for short)” comes in. This internet platform tries to answer these questions competently and to prepare them for the various interest groups:

  • Individuals / health-oriented people / relatives and friends of people with dementia
  • Therapists / Doctors / Naturopaths
  • Caregivers
  • Senior and nursing homes
  • Associations and foundations in the field of prevention.

Today we know that dementia is a generalized metabolic disease of the body that affects the brain and is therefore reversible – at least as long as no advanced damage to certain nerve cells of the brain has occurred.

Understanding key facts: Dementia is multifactorial and starts long before the onset of symptoms.

The main factors are:

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