The central platform on lifestyle and dementia issues

In the end, we provide you with a compass to keep the path to brain health on your own responsibility!


“Knowledge stops dementia” is to become “The central Internet platform for the prevention and treatment of dementia” through lifestyle-oriented measures.

Associated to this are:

  • to design, communicate and implement behavioural, relational and prevention by knowledge for Alzheimer’s disease in a tangible and feasible manner in the sense of a multimodal approach,
  • the disenchantment of myths and targeted misinformation,
  • to develop a set of tools and digital applications (e.g. apps, online questionnaires, videos, podcasts, etc.) that allow individuals to prevent dementia and overcome minor cognitive limitations and
  • to “translate” the latest information from research into understandable language and prepare it for the various target groups in an appealing way

Target groups include:

  • Individuals / relatives of persons with dementia
  • Therapists / Doctors / Naturopaths
  • Caregivers and caring relatives
  • Senior and nursing homes (incl. management)
  • Associations and federations in the preventive field
  • Other projects in the field of dementia prevention and treatment